Althea is an Oakland-based comics artist, painter, writer, and teacher.

They strive to create work that gives space to sorrow, love, joy, loss, and anger through narrative dissonance and vulnerability. Working through narrative in various forms -- paintings, graphic novels, comics, artist's books, and poetry, they produce emotionally intelligent work that guides the viewer-reader with empathy to a moment connected to either the past through history, the present through personal experience, or the future through science fiction. Across all work, regardless of genre, Althea begins with writing, teasing out concepts through language, even if no words are present in the final work. Influences on their work include life cycles and memory, the tumult of the mind, the tangled history of Filipino-American history and identity, the eventual heat-death of the universe, queer sensibilities, trauma, anxiety, nonbinary love, gender, failure, movement, silence, a warm human pulse. 

Althea has received a Chappell-Lougee Scholarship for their work on Islands. They worked as an artist and writer for the 2013 and 2014 Stanford Graphic Novel Projects A Place Among the Stars and American Heathen. In 2015, they received the Raina Giese Award in Creative Painting from the Art and Art History Department as well as Honors in the Arts for Interdisciplinary Practice from the Stanford Arts Institute for the foundational work for Wanderlust, a full-length science fiction graphic novel, which they are currently working on. 


Stanford University. Bachelor of Arts in Art Practice, minor in Creative Writing. 2015.



Voyager at Queer as Fuck!. Bindlestiff Studios. San Francisco, CA.


Thank You for Your Interest But... Art Practice Senior Show. Cummings Art Building. Stanford, CA.
Honors in the Arts Showcase. Stanford Arts Institute. Cantor Arts Center. Stanford, CA
Wanderlust. Solo Installation. Cummings Art Building. Stanford, CA
The Artist's Book. Stanford Art and Architecture Library. Stanford, CA.
LEAD Prevailing Voices in Perfect Harmony. Kimball Hall. Stanford, CA.


A Heap of Broken Images.  Student Organizing Committee for the Arts. Wallenburg Hall. Stanford, CA.
Art After Dark. Student Organizing Committee for the Arts. White Plaza. Stanford, CA.